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frequently asked questions

What is GlobalTutorsOnline.com and how does it work?

GlobalTutorsOnline.com is a free membership website that allows tutors to sign up and offer their services to students and other people seeking educational consultations. In order to see how it works please visit the HOW IT WORKS page.

When are tutors available?

Since our website is global, people from all over the world are signed up, tutors, educational professionals as well as students from around the globe are members and in our database. Essentially tutors are available 24/7 depending on where in the world they are.

How do I know my tutor is qualified?

Review the tutor's profile. If it is missing information or is just filled out halfway the tutor's teaching methods are usually just as sloppy. Review what the tutor has to offer in his profile, also read his reviews at the bottom of his profile. Reviews are given by other students who may have used the service of a specific tutor.

How do I pay?

GlobalTutorsOnline.com does not charge for tutors and/or their consultation. Each and every tutor has his/her own fees which they set on their profile. We suggest to utilize paypal for a safe and secure transaction between tutors and students.

What if I don't have Paypal?

Register for a free account with paypal. Other feasible options are bitcoin or paxum.

How do you monitor the reviews of tutors?

In general, every review coming from a member counts.

What if my tutor doesn't show up to a scheduled session?

Contact your tutor and ask him/her why he/she did not show during a scheduled online video chat session. Any disputes should be made between student and tutor. GlobalTutorsOnline.com does not get involved in disputes between two parties. Last but not least, the student could leave a review on the tutor's profile, as long as it is a legit review.

What if my tutor leaves before the session is over?

Should the tutor not render a service as agreed upon, the student could leave a review on the tutor's profile, as long as it is a legit review.

Should I scan my study materials over to my tutor or does he/she provide them?

It is always recommended to share your specific materials with your tutor. However, this is up to you and your tutor. The best suggestion would be to just message your tutor and ask him/her.

How do I get my tutor my study materials?

If necessary, via scan and email.

Is there a timer for how long the session lasts?

Video Chats are completely up to students and tutors, whether they use skype or any other video chat platform.

What software requirements are there?

As GlobalTutorsOnline.com simply connects people through its database, we do not provide the actual video chat feature. However we recommend to use Skype and/or any other free of charge video chat software. Skype asks basically for Adobe Flash and Javascript to be installed and correctly running.